personal trainer guiding client through kettlebell swings

Healthy Truth #11 – Accountability

Truth #11 – Accountability cannot force me; it can only reinforce me. In Paul’s letter to the church in Galatia, he followed up on his instructions to carry each [...]


roll of singles

Presidents Strip

It’s barely past Valentine’s Day and already we’re facing another celebration in America. But this one is even a legal holiday for much of the nation: [...]


fields of lavender

One Date Changed Everything – Upper Thighs

The lower half of her legs glistened with lavender-scented oil as she regarded me. “Are you sure?” she asked, her eyes narrowing slightly but not in any sort of [...]


road head

Road Head

Road head (or "road h" for short, for some reason) is when a man is driving while a woman performs oral sex on him. Not very safe, but... [...]


heart shape on wet window

To the Window

Unfortunately, glass has a two-way quality. With two-story houses that can see over our privacy fence behind us, this poses a quandary. You see, generally, we're pretty "clothing optional" about things [...]


close-up of a ribbed tank top

Repurposed Beaters

In honor of Earth Day this year, I thought I’d share a little story of how the Osgood family recycled [white] trash into turn-on. It’s not really another of my [...]


Living in a Nation of Assumers

Living in a Nation of Assumers

Note that this post contains words that may offend certain readers. If you’re offended by these words, feel free to skip reading this post and move on to less offensive [...]


man with a headache

No More Headaches

I was reading in an old magazine and stumbled across an interesting tidbit. A survey and found something that gives me some hope. A majority of migraine sufferers reported [...]


fields of lavender

One Date Changed Everything – Thighs

  Breathing a thickening haze of lavender, I swore this woman might just have more muscle in her thighs than I had in my whole twiggy-yet-flabby body. And from what I [...]


sleeping naked

Exposed Repose – Can Parents Sleep Naked?

The tangle of limbs, the heat of skin on skin, it's great. And so it remained until my wife peed on a stick one day. Now, my most comfortable state was in question. I knew what newlyweds did. We were good at that. But I didn't know what parents did. So, I dug deeper. [...]


peanut M&Ms

Push-up Price Tag

“Dad, can I buy some of these?” he asks, rattling the familiar yellow wrapper of peanut M&Ms. “Sure, son. But there’s a price. Look on the [...]


The Bath, Summer Evening, by Félix Vallotton 1892

The Novelty of Nudity

When I became a parent, I determined I would not raise children who would be ashamed of their bodies. Modesty, privacy, and self-respect were qualities I wanted to pass on to [...]


Patriot Day

Patriot Day – Reflections on September 11th

When Phil first asked if I’d consider writing a post about September 11th, I admit I was at a bit of a loss. What would I write about? It’s at best an emotional [...]



Bare Bottom Dash

I’ve mentioned the great fun of co-showering with my wife, and how it serves as something much richer than a sexual experience (though it’s challenging to work in [...]


Tuke, Henry Scott (1858–1929), "August Blue," 1893

Can Christians Skinny Dip

In a previous post, I mentioned I saw no need for a universal injunction on Christians in bikinis. My wife and I can use discretion in the when and where, but in the right [...]


woman in costume

ITLAPD – Irreverent Edition

I love this time of year. The summer heat here in Texas begins to dissipate, rain storms roll across the skies, and school takes all the brats — I mean, kids — back out [...]


grandmother in Christmas sweater

Checking Out Grandma

I’m not proud of it, but I’ve checked out my wife’s grandmothers more times than I can count. Now, let me clarify. I’m not saying I’ve lusted [...]


breasts in all shapes and sizes

Breasts in All Shapes and Sizes

For all the substantiation of the cliché “penis envy”, I feel women suffer from it more than men, though with their breasts. Women with small breasts long for [...]


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